毎週水曜日 午後19:30ー21:00

大学生を中心とする国際交流の場です。ネイティブの英語の先生のリードによる楽しいクイズやゲームで盛り上 がり ます。ドリンクとスナックを片手に、会話も弾みます。英 語が苦手な人も得意な人も、日本語だけの人も将来に夢を抱く人も、ちょっとリラックスしたい人も。Come and join us! 



Wednesday from 19:30-21:00 (except during school holidays/breaks)

This is a time for college students, or anyone who is interested, who want to practice or improve their English. CoffeeTalk is a wonderful opportunity to learn English in a relaxed setting. Ethan & Michele Fisher, native English speakers from America, lead this time. We enjoy talking while drinking tea or coffee and some snacks. For more information please check out our Facebook page at Grace Chapel Gifu, or register to recieve email or LINE updates on meetings and events.